Compliant, Competitive Training

Compliant, Competitive Training

Expanding Your Knowledge is Our Business

Our national mobile training team deliver training and certification to all regions of the UK, as well as knowledge expanding training from our fully equipped training centre. As with all certifications and qualifications, our expert instructors and assessors will produce an Individual Learning and Development Plan (ILDP) to cater for the your needs. This improves the environment and pace in which you learn.

  • Student Focused
  • Student Support
  • Individual Approach
  • Value Based Training
  • Unique Ideas & Solutions

The Best Training Solutions Provider for the Ventilation Industry

All our qualifications are independently verified and validated to ensure all certifications and qualifications meet relevant NOS units specific for that subject. All qualifications are delivered by trained certified personnel that combined have more than 60 years in the ventilation industry. Following your initial enquiry, our team will perform a skill set analysis that evaluates your Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Behaviour (SKEB) base to produce your unique ILDP. Our experienced team will personalise your training experience for you to achieve your desired qualification or specific unit achievement. During your qualification journey we work closely with you, supporting you and guiding you towards success. As a competent training provider we also offer custom bespoke packages, comprising of selected or individual units, based on an individual candidates’ or companies’ needs. To sit one of our courses you will need to have already sat a CITB approved training course in Ductwork Cleaning/Fire Damper Testing at an approved training centre such as AEME LTD or equivalent.

Food for Thought

Are you compliant and competent?

Currently there are several schemes that state compliance whilst not proving competency of the persons or companies undertaking the works. There is a necessity in the construction and maintenance industry to not only prove the competency of your workforce but also ensure the work you complete is compliant. As this is driven by health & safety legislation, specific legislation, insurance providers and building regulations, it is now imperative that you protect yourselves, your workforce and the public at all times.

Service Improvement
With a qualified and competent workforce the standard of works has been proven to increase. This minimises the potential risk to your company and maximises the value of work to your client base.
National Occupational Standards
With all qualifications offered being aligned to the NOS we ensure that the highest levels of training are achieved for each unit this arms you with the knowledge to complete your duties to the highest standard
As with all NAADUK approved courses or qualifications, when an individual enrols or completes a course or qualification that person gets 12 months free membership to NAADUK
Protecting Your Business
Sending your workforce out to work without the correct level of qualification and armed with the knowledge they need is putting your business at risk. Once a candidate completes the level 2 or level 3 installation qualification they are entitled to apply for a SKILLcard of the appropriate level.